Agreement Made Between Sprint and nTelos

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sprintNTelos is already Sprint’s sole wholesale partner, but the two carriers wish to extend their current relationship.  Sprint and nTelos are both ranked high in their industry.  Sprint has millions of customers and nTelos has hundreds of thousands.  Together, the two companies have made an agreement to share access to each company’s LTE networks. This will undoubtedly benefit each side’s customer base. This agreement will carry on through 2022.

Their agreement will allow Sprint customers to gain access to nTelo’s LTE networks and nTelos’s customers will gain access to Sprint’s 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 2.5 GHz spectrum.  Both companies will receive expanded coverage through this agreement.

NTelos plans to expand its LTE network to the western Virginia and West Virginia area.  The building of this new network will be working closely with Sprint’s Network Vision network modernization program.  NTelos also plans to upgrade their pre-existing LTE network services. Through their agreement, Sprint is willing to help nTelos get better equipment prices.

This agreement expands both Sprint and nTelo’s networks to areas they have not reached before.  This makes nTelos a more notable and prominent carrier because it is now more directly paired with Sprint.  Also, Sprint has been working on expanding LTE networks to rural areas for customers to make use of.  Making this agreement with nTelos will help to bring about expansion into rural regions.

Sprint and nTelos’s agreement is helping each other to grow as individual companies as well as a joined pair. Though they remain separate entities, sometimes two is better than one.

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