The FCC and the Future of 5G

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fccAll smartphones being used worldwide are using either 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE network coverage.  Each is faster and more reliable than the next, but people are still demanding more.  Nothing will ever be fast enough to completely satisfy every consumer out there.  That is why technology will never stop evolving.  To continue growth, researchers and developers are working on creating 5G-network technology in order to better serve network subscribers.  The FCC has taken a recent interest in the future development of 5G technologies and has begun exploring 5G transmission possibilities, including the growth of wireless networks beyond 24-GHz bands.

Members of the FCC are currently discussing different levels of frequencies that may become available on mobile devices.  Can phones handle them?  Can people come up with the needed ideas and innovations?  The FCC has been uncertain about this in the past, but they now feel confident that today’s human knowledge can surpass doubts and create the newest technology to ultimately better the future of our networks.

By researching the possible bandwidths that phones would be able to handle, the FCC is beginning their investigation on this new technology.  They are exploring frequencies above 2 GHz in order to clear traffic on lower frequencies.  This could potentially lead to 5G standards in the future, but for right now the FCC is not making any set rules regarding 5G-network coverage.  Who knows what the future will bring.

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Nokia Expands To China

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nokiaNokia Networks and China Mobile have just made a deal with one another allowing Nokia to bring its 4G network to China.  It will cover 18 Chinese provinces and major cities.  The agreement states that Nokia will be managing Network implementation, planning, and training services.  The deal includes Nokia’s indoor and outdoor base stations from the Flexi product family and a cloud enabled NetAct network management system.

Nokia is – globally – a leading network operator.  They have been heavily focusing on improving their network coverage and spreading it to areas all over the world in order to expand their customer base and increase profit.  4G LTE network coverage is currently in demand in dozens of countries due to higher numbers of network subscribers in more areas.  4G is the main network right now because many people have upgraded from 3G, and 5G will most likely not be available until 2020.  Nokia is focusing on the present by continuing to push their network coverage to reach places all over the world, including China.

China is a top business and technology filled country in our world.  Everyday they create new and innovative technology that changes the world, causing workers and businesses to move there or at least frequently travel to their major cities.  They need to offer the most reliable coverage in order to support their large populations and the high number of tourists and workers coming in for business.  Their major cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong are centers of business and technology.  Nokia’s 4G network will expand to those three main cities, as well as others.

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Company Thrives Over Aereo’s Downfall

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aereoOn Wednesday, June 25 2014, The United States Supreme Court made a decision that has forever changed the future of Aereo.  This has caused Aereo to “temporarily” shut down their online streaming services.  Aereo is facing a ton of licensing fees for all their illegal broadcasting.  These include their violation of Federal copyright laws.  They were providing their customers with television signals from the air, which is only allowed if licensing fees are paid.  If they pay all of the fees they owe, then they will be allowed to start up their services again.  This negatively affects all of their customers, but also opens a door for other companies.

While Aereo figures out their plan of action, an antennas supplier from Missouri rises to power.  Missouri’s Antenna Direct is taking advantage of Aereo’s failure by attending to their customers.  They are giving away 1000 free antennas to the customers of Aereo in order to make up for their current lack of broadcasting signals. These free antennas include installation accessories, bringing Aereo’s subscribers TV signals for free.  They went about informing Aereo’s customers about this deal by posting it on social media.

This was an extremely smart move by Antenna Direct.  They turned a bad situation around and took something positive out of it.  Aereo will most likely be down for quite some time and because Antenna Direct made such a nice gesture to Aereo’s customers, they might bring their business to Antenna Direct instead.  I give kudos to Antenna Direct and their fast and smart reaction to Aereo’s unfortunate mishap.

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Cambium Networks Announces eFortify and eCommand

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cambiumTechnology companies all over the world are all focused on one major aspect of the industry, network coverage.  Who has the fastest, farthest, most stable and most dependable network coverage?  High quality and newly innovative software and hardware are necessary for a company to reach the highest network coverage possible.  One top international supplier of wireless broadband solutions is Cambium Networks.  They have recently announced the creation of eFortify and eCommand.  These are two software programs that work to increase network capabilities in a more simple and manageable way.

eFortify and eCommand are both part of Cambium Networks main software program, ePMP 1000 platform.  eFortify has features including GPS Synchronization, an adaptive scheduler, and a smart rate adapt algorithm.  Together these aspects help eFortify to setup the ePMP 1000 platform to work more efficiently in high noise environments.

eCommand, on the other hand, organizes the network using its features, including a capacity planner, spectrum analyzer, CNS (Network Management Tool), enhanced performance monitoring, and eDectect, which is an interference detection tool.

Customers of Cambium Networks who have adopted this software only had good things to say.  The Owner and CEO of Western Texas Broadband, Tushar Patel, stated, “We are fully committed to Cambium’s ePMP platform because GPS Sync is critical to our business. In this price class, ePMP 1000 is the only product that offers performance and scalability that we need. It’s the clear choice for us.”

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AT&T Brings Mississippi the Coverage They Needed

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missipppiMississippi is a state that is not as up-to-date with the latest technology as other states in the U.S.  They wanted to become more tech-savvy in order to boost the economy of their state, as well as improve coverage for the sake of their citizens. Mississippi was determined to get top-notch technology – specifically 4G network coverage – delivered to their state.  They accomplished this thanks to AT&T.

18 individual counties throughout Mississippi will now gain access to high speed 4G network coverage.  Residents of these 18 counties have been positively affected by AT&T’s plans to enhance 4G and small cell coverage in areas throughout the U.S.  These Mississippi counties are now part of AT&T’s 4G long-term evolution network.

This is all a under AT&T’s Project Velocity IP three-year investment project.  It began in 2012 and hopes to reach its goals by 2016.  AT&T wants to extend their coverage to as many towns and cities as possible across the nation.  They plan to install macro cell sites, small cell equipment, and Distributed Antenna Systems.

Companies have been starting to really focus on small cell technology in the past year because it is the technology that will better the future.  For Mississippi to connect itself to small cells through AT&T, it is fully embracing today’s technology and hopefully they will attract business to their state as a result.

AT&T’s Mississippi President, Mayo Flynt, stated “Our goal is for our customers to have an extraordinary experience, and they’ll be able to download, upload, stream and game faster than ever before on our 4G LTE network.”

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Swisscom Steps Up Their LTE Technology

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swissSwisscom is a very innovative and efficient network provider in Switzerland.  They have recently become the first of Switzerland’s network companies to provide LTE advanced (LTE-A) technology.  This shows that they are keeping up with the quickly evolving technology of our world and at the same time are influencing other companies to also advance their LTE technology to better the coverage of future networks.

Swisscom has been working on their research for this new LTE-A technology since February of 2014.  Since then it has been installed on the network side in Berne and Lausanne railway stations.  In the future – the closest being July – Swisscom plans to have this new technology available for customers in Berne and Biel/Bienne, the capital of Switzerland and another major city.  They also plan to expand the new network to the cities of Basel, Lugano, Geneva, Lucerne, and Zurich in the near future.

Customers all throughout Switzerland will soon be able to connect their smart phones and tablets to this network, gaining access to high-speed coverage wherever they go.  This new LTE advanced technology will provide speeds up to 300 Mbps.  This speed is made possible by successfully uniting two separate 4G LTE channels that each offers a speed of 150 Mbps.

Swisscom is focusing the majority of their funds on their LTE-A research and expansion.  They want this technology to reach as many customers and cities as possible in the shortest amount of time.  They are therefore spending billions of dollars in order to make this happen.  Their efficiency and innovation are what has gotten them to the top of their industry and people all over Switzerland should expect this LTE advanced network technology to be reaching them very shortly.

Antenna Supply installs and provides the equipment needed to create and develop LTE-A technology by companies similar to Swisscom.  If interested in buying or selling this equipment, please contact Antenna Supply at 877-878-9134 or email us at

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Agreement Made Between Sprint and nTelos

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sprintNTelos is already Sprint’s sole wholesale partner, but the two carriers wish to extend their current relationship.  Sprint and nTelos are both ranked high in their industry.  Sprint has millions of customers and nTelos has hundreds of thousands.  Together, the two companies have made an agreement to share access to each company’s LTE networks. This will undoubtedly benefit each side’s customer base. This agreement will carry on through 2022.

Their agreement will allow Sprint customers to gain access to nTelo’s LTE networks and nTelos’s customers will gain access to Sprint’s 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 2.5 GHz spectrum.  Both companies will receive expanded coverage through this agreement.

NTelos plans to expand its LTE network to the western Virginia and West Virginia area.  The building of this new network will be working closely with Sprint’s Network Vision network modernization program.  NTelos also plans to upgrade their pre-existing LTE network services. Through their agreement, Sprint is willing to help nTelos get better equipment prices.

This agreement expands both Sprint and nTelo’s networks to areas they have not reached before.  This makes nTelos a more notable and prominent carrier because it is now more directly paired with Sprint.  Also, Sprint has been working on expanding LTE networks to rural areas for customers to make use of.  Making this agreement with nTelos will help to bring about expansion into rural regions.

Sprint and nTelos’s agreement is helping each other to grow as individual companies as well as a joined pair. Though they remain separate entities, sometimes two is better than one.

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FCC Favors Small Carriers in 600 MHz Auction

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fccWhere there are more people, there are more customers which therefore create opportunity for more revenue.  Logically, carriers focus on urban and regional areas compared to small rural towns and suburbs for business. This is what allows both Verizon and AT&T to get the majority of their business from larger, regional areas and few customers from rural and suburban.  The FCC is trying to spread business to those small towns by expelling package bidding during the 600 MHz auction.

This will become a major disadvantage for both AT&T and Verizon. Spreading their spectrum to smaller carriers in small areas in the middle of nowhere takes away from their business. Verizon and AT&T both feel that the FCC has made a bad decision by not allowing package bidding in this auction.

It is more economical for the market to have package bidding because it means small carriers would not be able to make individual bids on separate segments within the package.  Both the FCC and the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) believe that package bidding leaves a major gap between the success of small carriers and major ones in big cities.  They feel it favors bigger companies and regional areas, taking business away from rural areas and carriers.

However, the FCC is willing to compromise.  It may still not be enough to please Verizon and AT&T, but it is something.  They will allow bidders to choose between bidding on a larger package or an individual PEA, which is not in the package.  PEAs serve as a compromise between the rural and urban areas and carriers, the scarce and the busy.

Though it is important to expand business among smaller carriers that do not usually have the chance to do big business, it is also understandable why both Verizon and AT&T are upset.

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Time Warner Cable Meets Boingo Wireless

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Time_Warner_Cable1Time Warner Cable and Boingo Wireless are joining forces to expand their services to a wider range of people as well as better their Wi-Fi coverage for all of their customers combined.  They have together announced a roaming access agreement.  All Time Warner Cable users will now have access to Boingo Wireless’s routers and Wi-Fi coverage in over 100 locations.  This includes major airports, train stations, shopping centers, and eateries throughout the nation.  In return, Boingo Wireless customers will gain access to over 35,000 Time Warner Cable Wi-Fi Hotspots in major cities all over the country including New York City, Los Angeles, and many others.

These major cities, along with the people living in them, are experiencing the advancement and evolution of technology on a daily basis.  Businesses and companies, from fast food restaurants to clothing stores, are embracing technology and using it for their benefit.  People use their smartphones everywhere they go.  In order to connect to the Internet though, they need proper Wi-Fi available to them.  Some places require passwords and are just very tricky to get connected to, causing a major inconvenience.

Time Warner Cable runs a service that solves this problem called Passpoint.  Passpoint Security and Hotspot 2.0 equipment allows people to have convenient access to Wi-Fi connections in major hotspots without having to type in a password.  Boingo Wireless will now be working with Time Warner Cable to improve the services of Passpoint and therefore expand their business even further.

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Antennas in Hiding are Bringing Northampton Their Best Signals

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ThornesThe rooftop of Thornes Marketplace on Main Street in Northampton, MA will soon be seen with a bank of Bell Atlantic-Verizon Mobile antennas.  The Planning Board of the town has passed a unanimous vote to get the antennas installed.

The people residing in the town of Northampton have recently been more active in their use of smartphones, iPads, and other 4G LTE devices.  This results in a higher demand for 4G LTE coverage.  Jay Latorre, a Verizon engineer, said “Northampton is a very strong customer base for us.”

Verizon has other structures in this town, but saw the need for more.  The already standing towers operate at a 700 MHz frequency, but only one offers 2100 MHz bandwidth.  All Verizon towers in Northampton will need to offer both frequencies in order to have sufficient coverage.

The plans for the new antennas include 12 columns atop three blocks at the rear side of the Thornes Marketplace rooftop.  The structure will not exceed 10 feet in height, but it will be somewhat noticeable from surrounding streets.

Northampton’s Planning Board is worried how it could negatively affect the aesthetics of this historic town.  Fortunately, the designer and the workers installing the antennas, data and electricity cables have ideas as to how to disguise the equipment.

They plan to paint the cables and antennas to match the surrounding area.  The equipment that is not in contact with the building is being painted white and the cables attached to the building will be painted the correct color in order to match the brick on the building.  The devices are also being installed on the backside of the building so it does not stand out.  They are doing all that they can to keep the equipment as hidden and as low key as possible.

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