The FCC and the Future of 5G

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fccAll smartphones being used worldwide are using either 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE network coverage.  Each is faster and more reliable than the next, but people are still demanding more.  Nothing will ever be fast enough to completely satisfy every consumer out there.  That is why technology will never stop evolving.  To continue growth, researchers and developers are working on creating 5G-network technology in order to better serve network subscribers.  The FCC has taken a recent interest in the future development of 5G technologies and has begun exploring 5G transmission possibilities, including the growth of wireless networks beyond 24-GHz bands.

Members of the FCC are currently discussing different levels of frequencies that may become available on mobile devices.  Can phones handle them?  Can people come up with the needed ideas and innovations?  The FCC has been uncertain about this in the past, but they now feel confident that today’s human knowledge can surpass doubts and create the newest technology to ultimately better the future of our networks.

By researching the possible bandwidths that phones would be able to handle, the FCC is beginning their investigation on this new technology.  They are exploring frequencies above 2 GHz in order to clear traffic on lower frequencies.  This could potentially lead to 5G standards in the future, but for right now the FCC is not making any set rules regarding 5G-network coverage.  Who knows what the future will bring.

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