Nokia Expands To China

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nokiaNokia Networks and China Mobile have just made a deal with one another allowing Nokia to bring its 4G network to China.  It will cover 18 Chinese provinces and major cities.  The agreement states that Nokia will be managing Network implementation, planning, and training services.  The deal includes Nokia’s indoor and outdoor base stations from the Flexi product family and a cloud enabled NetAct network management system.

Nokia is – globally – a leading network operator.  They have been heavily focusing on improving their network coverage and spreading it to areas all over the world in order to expand their customer base and increase profit.  4G LTE network coverage is currently in demand in dozens of countries due to higher numbers of network subscribers in more areas.  4G is the main network right now because many people have upgraded from 3G, and 5G will most likely not be available until 2020.  Nokia is focusing on the present by continuing to push their network coverage to reach places all over the world, including China.

China is a top business and technology filled country in our world.  Everyday they create new and innovative technology that changes the world, causing workers and businesses to move there or at least frequently travel to their major cities.  They need to offer the most reliable coverage in order to support their large populations and the high number of tourists and workers coming in for business.  Their major cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong are centers of business and technology.  Nokia’s 4G network will expand to those three main cities, as well as others.

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