Company Thrives Over Aereo’s Downfall

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aereoOn Wednesday, June 25 2014, The United States Supreme Court made a decision that has forever changed the future of Aereo.  This has caused Aereo to “temporarily” shut down their online streaming services.  Aereo is facing a ton of licensing fees for all their illegal broadcasting.  These include their violation of Federal copyright laws.  They were providing their customers with television signals from the air, which is only allowed if licensing fees are paid.  If they pay all of the fees they owe, then they will be allowed to start up their services again.  This negatively affects all of their customers, but also opens a door for other companies.

While Aereo figures out their plan of action, an antennas supplier from Missouri rises to power.  Missouri’s Antenna Direct is taking advantage of Aereo’s failure by attending to their customers.  They are giving away 1000 free antennas to the customers of Aereo in order to make up for their current lack of broadcasting signals. These free antennas include installation accessories, bringing Aereo’s subscribers TV signals for free.  They went about informing Aereo’s customers about this deal by posting it on social media.

This was an extremely smart move by Antenna Direct.  They turned a bad situation around and took something positive out of it.  Aereo will most likely be down for quite some time and because Antenna Direct made such a nice gesture to Aereo’s customers, they might bring their business to Antenna Direct instead.  I give kudos to Antenna Direct and their fast and smart reaction to Aereo’s unfortunate mishap.

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