Cambium Networks Announces eFortify and eCommand

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cambiumTechnology companies all over the world are all focused on one major aspect of the industry, network coverage.  Who has the fastest, farthest, most stable and most dependable network coverage?  High quality and newly innovative software and hardware are necessary for a company to reach the highest network coverage possible.  One top international supplier of wireless broadband solutions is Cambium Networks.  They have recently announced the creation of eFortify and eCommand.  These are two software programs that work to increase network capabilities in a more simple and manageable way.

eFortify and eCommand are both part of Cambium Networks main software program, ePMP 1000 platform.  eFortify has features including GPS Synchronization, an adaptive scheduler, and a smart rate adapt algorithm.  Together these aspects help eFortify to setup the ePMP 1000 platform to work more efficiently in high noise environments.

eCommand, on the other hand, organizes the network using its features, including a capacity planner, spectrum analyzer, CNS (Network Management Tool), enhanced performance monitoring, and eDectect, which is an interference detection tool.

Customers of Cambium Networks who have adopted this software only had good things to say.  The Owner and CEO of Western Texas Broadband, Tushar Patel, stated, “We are fully committed to Cambium’s ePMP platform because GPS Sync is critical to our business. In this price class, ePMP 1000 is the only product that offers performance and scalability that we need. It’s the clear choice for us.”

Cambium Networks is one of Antenna Supply’s many manufacturers. Their wireless broadband equipment is quickly excelling and suiting today’s evolving technology. If interested in buying or selling this or other equipment, please contact Antenna Supply at 877-878-9134 or email us at

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