AT&T Brings Mississippi the Coverage They Needed

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missipppiMississippi is a state that is not as up-to-date with the latest technology as other states in the U.S.  They wanted to become more tech-savvy in order to boost the economy of their state, as well as improve coverage for the sake of their citizens. Mississippi was determined to get top-notch technology – specifically 4G network coverage – delivered to their state.  They accomplished this thanks to AT&T.

18 individual counties throughout Mississippi will now gain access to high speed 4G network coverage.  Residents of these 18 counties have been positively affected by AT&T’s plans to enhance 4G and small cell coverage in areas throughout the U.S.  These Mississippi counties are now part of AT&T’s 4G long-term evolution network.

This is all a under AT&T’s Project Velocity IP three-year investment project.  It began in 2012 and hopes to reach its goals by 2016.  AT&T wants to extend their coverage to as many towns and cities as possible across the nation.  They plan to install macro cell sites, small cell equipment, and Distributed Antenna Systems.

Companies have been starting to really focus on small cell technology in the past year because it is the technology that will better the future.  For Mississippi to connect itself to small cells through AT&T, it is fully embracing today’s technology and hopefully they will attract business to their state as a result.

AT&T’s Mississippi President, Mayo Flynt, stated “Our goal is for our customers to have an extraordinary experience, and they’ll be able to download, upload, stream and game faster than ever before on our 4G LTE network.”

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