Time Warner Cable Meets Boingo Wireless

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Time_Warner_Cable1Time Warner Cable and Boingo Wireless are joining forces to expand their services to a wider range of people as well as better their Wi-Fi coverage for all of their customers combined.  They have together announced a roaming access agreement.  All Time Warner Cable users will now have access to Boingo Wireless’s routers and Wi-Fi coverage in over 100 locations.  This includes major airports, train stations, shopping centers, and eateries throughout the nation.  In return, Boingo Wireless customers will gain access to over 35,000 Time Warner Cable Wi-Fi Hotspots in major cities all over the country including New York City, Los Angeles, and many others.

These major cities, along with the people living in them, are experiencing the advancement and evolution of technology on a daily basis.  Businesses and companies, from fast food restaurants to clothing stores, are embracing technology and using it for their benefit.  People use their smartphones everywhere they go.  In order to connect to the Internet though, they need proper Wi-Fi available to them.  Some places require passwords and are just very tricky to get connected to, causing a major inconvenience.

Time Warner Cable runs a service that solves this problem called Passpoint.  Passpoint Security and Hotspot 2.0 equipment allows people to have convenient access to Wi-Fi connections in major hotspots without having to type in a password.  Boingo Wireless will now be working with Time Warner Cable to improve the services of Passpoint and therefore expand their business even further.

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