Wearing Wireless Technology

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emopulseThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an event where companies start unveiling cutting-edge technology. A constant trend at CES 2014 has been around “smart” wearable electronics. Examples of these are watches, earbuds, jewelry, and glasses. These types of “smart” electronics are seen as a way to lure in more buyers, especially women.

Major companies like Intel, Qualcomm, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung, have joined in on the trend and developed their own version of smartwatches. Every company is trying to create something in their watch that distinguishes it from the competition. Some are focusing on appearance while others are focusing on creating innovative apps and capabilities. Mobile application developers are anxious to jump on this opportunity to create games and other uses in hopes that these new devices could be the next big thing in consumer technology.

These wearable electronics will function through both Wi-Fi and 4G LTE internet connectivity. For example, the Pebble Steel smartwatch connects by Bluetooth via an iPhone or Android smartphone. This allows the phone to act as a hub for using Wi-Fi or cellular service to reach the Internet. Another example is the Intel smartwatch, which can surf the web, has phone features, and handles location-based notifications as a standalone device that works without the need for a smartphone or tablet to pair to it.

Additional smart devices that are wearable are Intel earbuds that will provide health and fitness information. This is useful in monitoring heart rate, pulse, calories burned, and distance traveled. CSR’s has smart jewelry that will receive notifications if a message is sent to your email or phone.

2014 could be the year of wearable electronics. It will be fascinating to see how consumers react to the different wireless fashion accessories. Like all innovative products, there will be some products that generate high demand while others will fizzle out and become useless.

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