Frontier purchase helps AT&T move away from Wireline

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downloadAT&T continues to make moves that will push them away from wireline and closer to becoming an all-IP, wireless and cloud network. Frontier has jumped on this opportunity in order to obtain their ILEC operations in Connecticut for $2 billion.

This is seemingly a win-win situation for both companies. The benefits of the purchase for Frontier include 900,000 voice customers, 415,000 broadband customers and 180,000 U-verse video subscribers. The benefit of the sale for AT&T is the funds that will contribute to Project VIP. Project VIP is intended to expand the 4G network to 300 million people and improve wireline infrastructure for broadband connectivity.

“This is a good business decision for both companies, good for customers and good for Connecticut,” said Patricia Jones, president of AT&T New England. “The fact that Frontier is headquartered in Connecticut will help ensure a smooth transition for customers and employees.”

Companies such as AT&T are on all platforms as it competes for Internet data and television advertising. With less emphasis on wireline phone, companies like Frontier take advantage of the opportunity to buy up old-line phone business.

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The Anticipation of 5G in the Future

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The advent of 4G LTE has taken the world of internet and phone service by storm. Yet with only 3 years of existence, there are already plans to improve upon this technology with a 5G LTE network.

All of the major carriers continue to broaden the 4G network as it becomes crucial for success. Europe already has their eye on the future of LTE Wireless technology with optimism of being the innovator of the new 5G technology through the METIS 2020 project. While this network upgrade is building anticipation, don’t expect this change to happen overnight as the projected launch is expected to take place in 2020.

The METIS project is projected to cost about $37 million with the European Commission contributing the biggest portion of that total. Some of the top infrastructure dealers are also participating in the process, the largest provider being Ericsson. The additional vendors include Alcatel-LucentHuaweiand Nokia.

Plans for the 5G network are in their infancy, however, there are great expectations for 5G. Among the changes expected are having remarkably faster speed and stronger reception for larger masses of people. These would be welcome changes as carriers like Verizon and AT&T have experienced complications in large populated areas.

The expectation is to increase data rates to 100x higher than the previous rate. Other improvements would be an increase to 1,000x more mobile data per region, a greater total of devices able to connect, 10x longer battery life, a swift application response time of 5 milliseconds or less, and meeting old requirements at a cheaper price. Many of these improvements will build off the models currently utilized by 4G. In order to make any of these things occur, it will be important to develop and product suitable radio spectrums.

The growing number of mobile devices and mobile users will need to be addressed. More age demographics continue to be exposed to smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The amount of mobile devices per person is expected to climb to 10 over the next few years, theoretically requiring 50 billion connections. As the network of users expands, the expected shift to 5G will naturally as a way for mobile technology to keep up with the growing demand.

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Alcatel-Lucent Small Cells could make Big Impact

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small2The United States and Europe could be seeing a lot more small cell sites as Alcatel-Lucent is growing the small cell connectivity universe. The company has pre-certified an estimated 600,000 locations to institute their small cell expansion. In a year where Alcatel-Lucent has been forced to make job cuts and close business centers, this seems like a promising new move to put ALU back on the rise. It will be significant to eventually expand globally beyond the US and Europe if there is a desire to achieve great success.

“This is a good start, but Alcatel-Lucent will definitely need to add more geographic coverage and exponentially increase the number of sites,” noted Ovum principal analyst Daryl Schoolar.

The similarities to typical cell site selection are that local government approval is required for installation. However that is where the similarities end.  The difference between small cells and DAS are that small cells concentrate on smaller radiuses to provide more efficient service. This limits the population to put less demand on wireless service. Selecting a location for a small cell site is also unlike your typical cell tower site selection since it is necessary that each site is able to connect to power and back to the carriers’ networks. In no time, small cell sites will be popping up in locations such as advertising structures, street furniture, billboards, cable lines, and even existing fiber network installations.

“Wireless operators have embraced small cells as an essential part of their ultra-broadband wireless network, but they must adapt to the new challenges associated with building, operating, and maintaining these new small cell networks,” said Alcatel-Lucent vice president of small cells Michael Schabel.

Carriers will be matched up with businesses that control real estate, billboards, and network services to create small-cell networks. This will be especially valuable for populous cities that have an enormous abundance of cell phone customers.

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